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Recovery Art Designs

SERENITY HAPPENS™ sobriety recovery gifts store offers the best recovery gifts for those in AA and other 12 step programs.

Serenity Happens sobriety recovery gifts store showcases sobriety gift designs and themes in our store that encorporate the fun and freedom found in recovery. Life is new, exciting and being lived daily... sober. Let your recovery shine visibily with some cool recovery 12 step merchandise. Serenity Happens has the best unique, original designs and humorous sayings that will make just the right statement.

Unique Alcoholics Anonymous sobriety recovery gifts and merchandise not found anywhere else. Fun in sobriety is what it is all about. We make quality recovery gifts for those in recovery by those in recovery.

Our team includes the always entertaining Soberado with his unique and humorous outlook on sobriety as well as professional artist Jitoma. We put Soberado's funny original quotes on our products which are then guaranteed to get a smile out of even the crustiest ol' drunk. On the graphic art side we feature the cool recovery designs of Jitoma. Jitoma is a talented graphic artist and silversmith who always finds a way to add a little recovery into his stylish designs.



Our favorite funny saying.  This shirt says my sponsor can beat up your sponsor.
Mischievous Alky The Alcoholic - Diabolic Alcoholic™
Clean and Sober Not Dead Motorcycle Club™
Clean And Sober Not Dead
Skull & Crossbones Brand Logo™

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One of our favorite top sellers.  This is our recovery big curls design. Way cool design for those happy in recovery.  This shirt has the recovery sun flame design.
Recovery Splash Design©
Recovery Rays Design©
Searching For God Is Like A Fish Searching For Water


Original & Exclusive Designs
Recovery Gifts Store

The Monkey Is Off My Back
But The Circus Is Still In Town©

Simon The Mischevious
Diabolic Alcoholic™

My favorite recovery sunshine design on any of our cool clothing.  Click here and see other styles with this design.
Recovery Sunshine Design©
Be Nice To Drunks. They Could Become Your Sponsor
Clean And Sober Not Dead™ Design #2
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We have all been there.  Now just let it be known on this 12 step oriented tee shirt that says balk, balk, balk recovery aa 12 step shirt tshirt recovery sun flames design
Balk Balk Balk
Recovery Sunflare Design©
Serenity Happens™ Design
A little inuendo but funny tshirt that says sometimes when I'm alone I 13th step myself. A classic recovery shirt Sometimes the truth is well known.  This funny recovery gift tshirt says I may not be much but I'm all I think about
Sometimes When I'm Alone
I 13th Step myself
I May Not Be Much But
I'm All I Think About
Easy Does It
with AA Motorcycle Design
Recovery Wings Design.   It says "Clean and Sober Not Dead" Alcoholics Anonymous Gift recovery aa 12 step shirt tshirt that says I tried to drown my feelings but the bastards learned to swim
Clean and Sober Not Dead™
Recovery Wings Design ©

Diabolic Alcoholic™
Joe the Devil Cyclops

I Tried To Drown My Feelings But The Bastards Learned To Swim
AA tshirt lifeline to recovery design Albert Einstein "Keep It Simple Stupid" AA Saying Tshirt gift
Recovery Lifeline Design©
Keep It Simple Stupid
(with Einstein)
Grateful Not Dead
w/ CASND Skull & Crossbones
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Bull W funny gift that says I thought I was dancing 'til somebody stepped on my hand Alcoholics Anonymous oriented shirt "Sober Not Dead" with cool design alcoholics anonymous merchandise NA Biohazard Design #1
I Thought I Was Dancing Til Somebody Stepped On My Hand
Soberlicious™ Keeping It Real
One Day At A Time
NA Ninja Star #1©
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